Ring of wishes

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Name ring of wishes
Appearance random
Base price 500 zm
Weight 3

A ring of wishes is a type of ring that appears in dNetHack and notdNetHack. It is a chargeable ring that has a default material of firmament, and appears as a black ring when unidentified - the ring displays an amount of stars corresponding to the number of charges remaining if the ring is not fully identified.


Rings of wishes are not generated randomly.

A ring of wishes with 1d3 charges is always generated within a chest inside the Castle - if it only has one charge, then a candle of invocation will generate on the altar within the Valley of the Dead.

For an elven Madperson, The Stranger will always generate with an artifact ring of wishes named the Star-Emperor's Ring when entering the floor of the Madman quest that contains their quest artifact. The Star-Emperor's Ring always generates with two charges.


While worn, invoking a ring a wishes that is not cursed will allow the character to make a wish, using up a charge - if the ring is cursed or the character has negative luck, it will silently fail without using up a charge. Additionally, if a character wearing the ring is killed, life saving will occur and use up a charge. A ring of wishes without any charges has no effect.

A ring of wishes cannot be recharged or enchanted - it also cannot be cancelled, but its charges can be lost to effects that drain enchantment, such as the drain life spell or the engulf attack of a lethe elemental.

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