Star-Emperor's Ring

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=   Star-Emperor's Ring    
Base item ring of wishes
When carried none
When worn
When invoked
  • obtain a wish
  • gain additional artifact wish
  • summon up to 2 constellation pets
Base price 3000 zm
Weight 3

The Star-Emperor's Ring is an artifact that appears in dNetHack and notdNetHack. It is unaligned, and its base item is a ring of wishes that always has two charges.


For an elven Madperson, The Stranger will always generate with the Star-Emperor's Ring once they enter the floor of the Madman quest that contains their quest artifact.


The Star-Emperor's Ring has several effects while worn, in additional to its base item's normal effects:

  • The character gains an experience level-based bonus of XL10 to DR for the head slot.
  • Each attack the character makes in melee or with a thrown/fired weapon while wearing the Star-Emperor's Ring adds +1d20 to-hit and +1d20 silver damage.
  • Attacks made by the character with their bare hands while wearing the Star-Emperor's ring are instead replaced with a "floating spiritual silver starlight rapier" attack that deal 4d8 damage.
    • As spiritual weapons, they bypass AC and DR of worn armor and are guaranteed to hit insubstantial monsters such as shades and Sharab Kamerel, much like armor-phasing weapons.
    • These attacks are considered non-contact, and are always counted as dealing +1d20 silver damage, but do not obtain any other relevant bonuses, e.g. strength or skill from wielded weapon, gloves and rings from unarmed combat bonuses, etc.
    • The character can twoweapon with an empty offhand slot, which also uses a spiritual rapier - this rapier is not affected by a lack of twoweapon skill, only requiring a free hand.
  • The Ring will passively "lash out" at adjacent hostile monsters that it can target for a number of starlight rapier attacks equal to the wearer's experience level divided by 10 (i.e. 0 at XL 1-9, up to 3 at XL 30) - the attacks deal 4d4 damage and have a 23 chance of attacking a particular adjacent monster.

Zapping the Star-Emperor's Ring spends 15 power to fire a ray of energy in a given direction: the ray deals damage based on the character's wand skill, with an additional 1d20 of silver damage, and ignores reflection.

Invoking the worn Star-Emperor's Ring pulls up a menu that allows the character to choose between two options:

  • Make a wish as normal - the Ring allows for a single artifact wish to be made using either of the 2 wishes, and making an artifact wish this way does not increment the artifact wish counter.
  • Summon a pet of your choice, which can be done up to twice - the pet will be created loyal (i.e. it does not count towards the charisma-based pet limit and will not turn traitor), and the constellation monster template is applied. This functions similar to a candle of invocation, but does not restrict the character to extraplanar beings such as angels and demons: the chosen monster must still be tameable, must not possess the MG_NOWISH flag, and must not be from the future (i.e. no androids or star elves).