Chromatic dragon scales (UnNetHack)

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Chromatic dragon scales are a type of body armor that appear in UnNetHack. They are made of dragon hide like all dragon scales.


Chromatic dragon scales are not randomly generated, though they can be found in bones; wishing for them with will give the character a random set of dragon scales instead.

Tiamat is guaranteed to drop chromatic dragon scales alongside her corpse upon death. A chromatic dragon that leaves a corpse (i.e. always) has a 16 chance of dropping chromatic dragon scales upon death, and will never drop scales if revived via undead turning.


While worn, chromatic dragon scales confer 1 base AC and several properties: fire resistance, cold resistance, shock resistance, sleep resistance, poison resistance, disintegration resistance, acid resistance, stoning resistance, reflection, and magic resistance. Reading a non-cursed scroll of enchant armor that targets worn chromatic dragon scales convert them into chromatic dragon scale mail, with a blessed scroll adding a point of enchantment.

Uncontrolled polymorph while wearing chromatic dragon scales will turn the wearer into a chromatic dragon - in practice, only quaffing a potion of polymorph or zapping a wand of polymorph at yourself will do this. This is one of the only ways in the game for a character or monster to polymorph into a chromatic dragon.


Chromatic dragon scales are very hard to obtain, but are well worth the trouble for the chance to make them into chromatic dragon scale mail, which is easily one of the best non-artifact armors in the game.