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)   Deathsword   Two-handed sword.png
Base item two-handed sword
Damage vs. small 1d12 +14
Damage vs. large 3d6 +14
To-hit bonus +5
Bonus versus humans
Weapon skill two-handed sword
Size two-handed
When carried


When wielded


When invoked


Base price 5000 zm
Weight 150
Material iron

Deathsword is a chaotic artifact two-handed sword in SLASH'EM. It gives +5 to hit and +14 damage against all humans. It is the second guaranteed sacrifice gift for barbarians; however, it will not be given to human, doppelganger or lycanthropic barbarians. It can be given to vampires, however.


This weapon has too narrow a damage range to be that useful. One might think to use it against shopkeepers, but anyone embarking on such an endeavor would do well to remember that SLASH'EM's shopkeepers have had their base level doubled as compared to vanilla. Additionally, since they don't carry attack wands, they will gladly use their powerful melee attacks against you. One possible use for this weapon might be against the aligned priests in Moloch's Sanctum and the Astral Plane, but there are likely to be better options (two-weaponing, the best weapon in SLASH'EM, etc). Mostly, for non-human barbarians, this weapon just stands in the way of getting a better artifact.