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Draw energy is a technique in SLASH'EM. It allows you to draw magical energy from your surroundings, causing your energy to recover at a greater rate. The bonus (or penalty) is in addition to standard energy recovery rates. The technique will last for 15 turns, but will stop if any danger is detected during this time or if you reach maximum power. Even if interrupted, the timeout is set to 1000-1500 turns. It is very easy for the technique to be interrupted, so engraving Elbereth first, even in the dust, is advisable if it is possible.

As the technique draws energy from your surroundings, the tiles you are adjacent to will affect your regeneration. Each turn a random available direction is picked (the only time a direction is unavailable is the diagonal directions when polymorphed into a grid bug) and the tile next to you in that direction will modify your energy gain as in the table:

Tile Power bonus each turn
Altar Max power/4, minimum 7
Throne Max power/6, minimum 6
Pool 3
Fountain 2
Sink 1 (67% of the time)
2 (33% of the time)
Toilet 2 (50% of the time)
-2 (50% of the time)
Grave -4
Anything else 1

The tile you are standing on will never be chosen.

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