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The galltrit is a monster that first appeared in SLASH 6, the precursor to SLASH'EM. It is not part of NetHack 3.4.3. Code for the monster appears in the source for SLASH'EM, but the code is commented out, making it a deferred feature.

Galltrits are included in SlashTHEM.


The galltrit's attacks are identical to those of the gremlin: three physical attacks, followed by an intrinsic-stealing attack.


The galltrit comes from D&D. It is a tiny (about six inches tall) blood-sucking gremlin. The in-game galltrit is no smaller than an ordinary gremlin, however.


A faster, but less hardy variety of the common gremlin.


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See also

  • Jermlaine, another deferred SLASH'EM monster from SLASH 6