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Girtab is a unique arachnid added in SLASH'EM that appears on her special level, The Spider Caves, along with Shelob. Essentially a much stronger version of a giant scorpion, she has two claw attacks and a poisonous stinger attack, but no other special abilities.


While poison is likely to be harmless to any character that can reach the Spider Caves, Girtab can still deal 50+ damage/turn in melee. Most characters with even a partially complete ascension kit will be able to take her down, but those dipping into the Spider Caves for the guaranteed speed boots will want to be cautious. Note that Girtab does respect Elbereth as well as scrolls of scare monster.


Girtab, meaning "scorpion" in Sumerian, is a name for the binary star Kappa Scorpii. It symbolizes the state of Paraíba on the flag of Brazil.

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