Heavy machine gun

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A heavy machine gun is a firearm introduced in SLASH'EM. It is often found on higher-ranking members of the Yendorian army. A heavy machine gun is set on fully automatic mode by default, but can be set to burst mode (rate of fire cut to 1/3) or single-shot mode by applying it. Due to its extreme weight and only marginally better rate of fire than assault rifles, it is generally not a viable weapon.

Rate of fire

In fully automatic mode, the heavy machine gun's rate of fire depends on its enchantment and skill of the user.

Enchantment Unskilled/basic Skilled Expert
-7 to -6 8 8 8
-5 to -3 8 8 1d2+7
-2 to +2 8 1d2+7 1d3+7
+3 to +5 1d2+7 1d3+7 1d4+7
+6 to +8 1d3+7 1d4+7 1d5+7
+9 1d4+7 1d5+7 1d6+7