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+ Hellish seals (also commonly referred to as hell vaults) are a dungeon feature added in dNetHack. Being a feature of the floor, they do not block line of sight or otherwise obstruct the square. Indeed, the only way to interact with a hellish seal is to break it by digging downwards over the seal.

Hellish seals are generated as part of random level generation in random gehennom mazes. They are generated in small, closed 3x3 rooms found within larger rooms. A specific monster is sealed away within each hellish seal. The precise monster type can only be learned by breaking the seal, but the broad category can be learned by observing the statue placed on top of the seal.

Seal types (by indicator statue)

Strange larva: Tanninim

Ancient nupperibo: Ancient

Angel: Mad angels

Lemure: Pit Fiend

Manes: Shayateen

Seal treasure

Each hellish seal also contains a metallic chest containing between 9 and 36 (9d4) random magical items. Approximately 1/3rd of these items will be armor, 1/3rd of them will be weapons, and the remaining 1/3rd will be random magic items. Armor and weapons may be highly enchanted, may generate as artifacts, and may generate with object properties. You will need to dig the chest out of the ground beneath the seal. The chest is always locked and trapped and usually made of metal.