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Items in SLASH'EM may be invisible. Items are rarely generated invisible, so you will not encounter many of them. Without the see invisible intrinsic, you will only find them in containers, or by walking over them. The other way to get invisible items is to dip any item into a potion of invisibility or zap it with a wand of make invisible. Dipping any invisible item into a potion of see invisible or cancelling it makes it visible again.

Invisible items mostly function otherwise identically to their visible counterparts, with a few exceptions. A blindfold or towel will still blind you even if you can't see the the item. A mirror will not function if the affected cannot see the item. Invisible items cannot be read if you cannot see invisible . Invisible items cannot be stolen by a monster that cannot see invisible[1] (and no monster with a theft attack can see invisible), with the exception of invisible body armor or a cloak worn on top of a visible t-shirt or body armor. The disarm technique cannot be used if you cannot see the target's weapon. An invisible weapon has a +3 to-hit bonus against monsters that can't see invisible.

Monsters will not pick up invisible objects if they cannot see invisible[2], however this does not prevent them from moving to the item. The result is that they stand on top of the item trying to pick it up but failing to do so because they cannot see it.

There is a 1 in 1250 chance that a randomly generated item will be created invisible[3]. The wand of wishing in the Castle is always invisible, however as it is also in a container it is never a problem to find the wand. Mummy wrappings and coins can never be made invisible[4], and sokoban boulders will never be generated invisible. Potions of see invisible can still be made invisible. If an invisible monster is killed, the corpse will be created invisible, however the statue of an invisible monster will not be created invisible.


Message What happened
"You feel here a foo."[5] Walked over an invisible item.
"Where did the foo go?" Visible item dipped into potion of invisibility.
"So that's where the foo went!" Invisible item dipped into potion of see invisible.


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