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Issek is the lawful god of the Rogue pantheon.

Encyclopedia entry

Now Issek of the Jug, whom Fafhrd chose to serve, was once
of the most lowly and unsuccessful of the gods, godlets
rather, in Lankhmar. He had dwelt there for about thirteen
years, during which time he had traveled only two squares up
the Street of the Gods and was now back again, ready for
oblivion. He is not to be confused with Issek the Armless,
Issek of the Burnt Legs, Flayed Issek, or any other of the
numerous and colorfully mutilated divinities of that name.
Indeed, his unpopularity may have been due in part to the
fact that the manner of his death -- racking -- was not
deemed particularly spectacular. ... However, after Fafhrd
became his acolyte, things somehow began to change.

[ Swords In The Mist, by Fritz Leiber ]