List of UnNetHack tiles

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This page lists tiles that are present in UnNetHack but do not match any tile in vanilla NetHack. Some of these tiles are also in other variants.


Anti-matter vortex.png anti-matter vortex
Aphrodite.png Aphrodite
Black marketeer.png black marketeer
Cthulhu.png Cthulhu
Disintegrator.png disintegrator
Executioner.png Executioner
Mugger.png mugger
Snow ant.png snow ant
Uranium imp.png uranium imp
Vorpal jabberwock.png vorpal jabberwock
Wax golem.png wax golem


Most of these are additional randomized appearances.

Iron safe.png iron safe
Tinfoil hat.png tinfoil hat
Glass ring.png glass ring
Obsidian ring.png obsidian ring
Plain ring.png plain ring
Quartz ring.png quartz ring
Convex amulet.png convex amulet
Elliptic amulet.png elliptic amulet
Lunate amulet.png lunate amulet
Oval amulet.png oval amulet
Rectangular amulet.png rectangular amulet
Spiked amulet.png spiked amulet
Warped amulet.png warped amulet
Icy potion.png icy potion
Luminescent potion.png luminescent potion
Muddy potion.png muddy potion
Sparkling potion.png sparkling potion
Colorful spellbook.png colorful spellbook
Dark spellbook.png dark spellbook
Faded spellbook.png faded spellbook
Left handed spellbook.png left-handed spellbook
Long spellbook.png long spellbook
Psychedelic spellbook.png psychedelic spellbook
Spiral bound spellbook.png spiral-bound spellbook
Spotted spellbook.png spotted spellbook
Stapled spellbook.png stapled spellbook
Stylish spellbook.png stylish spellbook
Tartan spellbook.png tartan spellbook