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Puddingbane was a nickname for a -3 small iron weapon (normally a dagger, orcish dagger, or knife) that was used for pudding farming before NetHack 3.6.0. Its damage is always just 1.

Today, the primary use of a weapon like this, is to help maintain pacifist conduct. You can also used it to kill Vlad the Impaler (as a makeshift Vladbane), if you are so inclined. An other possible use is to split a pudding pet before polymorphing it.


Historically, it was used to split black and brown puddings in pudding farming (hence its name) while doing minimum damage; it could kill them, but it would split them a lot first.


A puddingbane can be created by engraving with it to reduce enchantment to -3. An enchantment of less than -3 is not needed for a dagger or knife, but a stronger or blunt weapon would have needed some cursed scrolls of enchant weapon.


Any damage roll of 1 after enchantment will not add strength, so with a -3 (or less) dagger or knife, it doesn't matter how high strength is, the damage will still always be 1. Corroding is optional.

Any non-weapon iron item, such as a key, will do d2 damage (if corroded min of 1) plus any bonus to damage from strength of 16 or more or rings of increase damage. Note that for pacifism, this is not as good as a -3 dagger or knife that will always do 1 point of damage no matter what your damage bonus. However, it will preserve weaponless conduct.


In slashem, a Puddingbane can still be used for some very limited pudding farming.

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