Quantum mechanic (monster class)

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For the monster, see Quantum mechanic.

The quantum mechanic is a monster class that appears in NetHack, and is represented by the uppercase Q glyph (Q). Quantum mechanics are designated internally by the macro S_QUANTMECH.[1]

The quantum mechanic is the only member of the monster class.[2]

The following information pertains to an upcoming version (NetHack 3.7.0). If this version is now released, please verify that it is still accurate, then update the page to incorporate this information.

Genetic engineers are introduced as part of the monster class.


The quantum mechanic first appears in NetHack 1.3d.


Some variants opt to further populate the quantum mechanic monster class, while others may repurpose the glyph and move the quantum mechanic to another monster class.


SLASH'EM adds two new monsters to the monster class:


In xNetHack, the quantum mechanic is moved to the aberration monster class as U, and the genetic engineer from SLASH'EM is also moved to the aberration class as U. The Q glyph is given to the Quendi, a monster class consisting of the living elven monsters from vanilla NetHack.


SlashTHEM retains the monsters added to the monster class in SLASH'EM and adds two more monsters:


Hack'EM only retains the genetic engineer from SLASH'EM and does not add any other monsters to the monster class.