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Raijin is the neutral god of the Samurai pantheon.


Raijin (雷神) is a god of lightning, thunder and storms in the Shinto religion. He is usually depicted as a Japanese demon, beating on drums to produce thunder. His name literally means thunder-god.

Encyclopedia entry

Both "Raijin" and the alternate name "Raiden" return this entry:

The Japanese god of thunder (rai) and lightning (den). He prevented the Mongols from invading Japan in 1274. Sitting on a cloud he sent forth a shower of lightning arrows upon the invading fleet. Only three men escaped. Raiden is portrayed as a red demon with sharp claws, carrying a large drum. He is fond of eating human navels. The only protection against him is to hide under a mosquito net.

[ Encyclopedia Mythica, ed. M.F. Lindemans ]

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