Scroll of acquirement

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? Scroll.png
Name acquirement
Appearance random
Base price 300 zm
Weight 5
Ink to write 15-29
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.


The scroll of acquirement is a type of scroll that appears in SlashTHEM and Hack'EM. When read, the player may acquire an item, which is like wishing except the player can only specify the item class (weapon, armor, scroll etc.) to get.

This scroll has some restrictions to prevent wishing abuse.

  • It cannot be wished for, you can try but you will just get a blank scroll in it's place
  • It cannot be written
  • It cannot be the result of polypiling scrolls
  • It cannot be the result of reading a scroll of acquirement
  • No role will ever start with this scroll


When read, first you must pass a luck check. If you roll (Luck + rn2(5) < 0), you will fail the roll and lose any possibility of acquiring a new item.

If the scroll is cursed, nothing will happen.

You are then presented with a prompt of item types. Almost all item types are available except chains, iron balls, venom, boulders, and gold. Once you select the item class, a random item of that type is generated. There is some post-selection processing that takes place:[1]

  • The item will not be an artifact.
  • If gold was generated, it's quantity will be set to 1000 (even though one cannot choose gold, the check is still there)
  • If a magic lamp was generated, it is converted to an oil lamp with 1500 turns of light.
  • If a magic marker was generated, it is marked as already charged once (1:x)
  • If a wand of wishing, wand of polymorph, or wand of acquirement was generated, the wand type is re-rolled until it doesn't match one of those.
  • If a scroll of wishing or scroll of acquirement was generated, the scroll type is re-rolled until it doesn't match one of those.

After successful generation, the item is placed on the floor at the player's feet. Apart from the player being able to choose its general type, the item generated in the same manner as ordinary items on the floor.


Hack'EM mostly follows the the implementation from SlashTHEM with a few differences.

Because there are scrolls of cloning in Hack'EM, an additional restriction is that this scroll cannot be cloned.

Uncursed scrolls of acquirement always grant an item, there is no luck involved. Blessed scrolls have a chance at bonus item if your luck is extremely high. Cursed scrolls still do nothing. The acquired item is also put directly into the player's inventory if possible instead of on the floor.


The scroll of acquirement appears to originate in SLASHEM-Extended. [2] It was later ported to SlashTHEM and Hack'EM.

It may have roots in Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup since there is also an item with the same name that performs a similar function, with the same message.[3] Unlike the SlashTHEM/Hack'EM version, that scroll is guaranteed to give your character a usable item, and tries to ensure that the item is "good" (high enchantment, matched to player's skills, etc).


You have found a scroll of acquirement!
You read a scroll of acquirement.
"Unfortuantely, nothing happens.
The scroll was cursed or you failed the luck check.