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For the related monsters in SporkHack, UnNetHack or dNetHack, see shambling horror.

The shambling horror, U, is a monster that appears in EvilHack. Their various characteristics are randomized in every single game, as with shambling horrors in some other variants, and are only revealed via monster lookup after you successfully kill one for the first time.


Shambling horrors will usually begin appearing past the midway point of the main dungeon branch. They are always generated hostile, cannot be selected as a form for polymorph, cannot be targeted for genocide of any kind, and never leave a corpse upon death.

The stats for the shambling horror displayed on the right are derived from its entry in monst.c, and act as a placeholder in order to ensure that no serious errors occur should a shambling horror be generated without its traits being remapped properly. The following traits of a shambling horror are randomized at the start of each game:[1]


Shambling horrors can range from a minor annoyance to a potential game-ending threat, requiring extreme caution on the player's part.

Encyclopedia entry

Despite its eldritch appearance, the shambling horror is
among the most harmless inhabitants of the Dungeons of
Doom. Many adventurers who have returned from the depths
can attest to the varied yet innocuous aspects of this
creature. It is speculated by some that the shambling
horror may occasionally possess abilities that are quite
lethal, but if this is true, no one has yet observed
them and survived to document it.


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