Sigil of discharge

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Sigil of discharge is a technique in SLASH'EM. When used, it expands most ray-based spells into 3x3 explosions, similar to the spirit bomb. However, the explosion's range is much longer (about 7-9 tiles). Although this technique turns rays into explosions, they still bounce when the explosion hit the wall. This technique has no effects on the finger of death. This technique can be very risky if there are tame/peaceful creatures around―unlike spirit bomb, your spells can still hit them if they are in the way!

When you cast a spell with this technique active, an additional message will be displayed. Different spells have different messages:

Message Spell
You yell "The rage of Huitzilopochtli!" Fireball
You yell "The sorrow of Demeter!" Cone of cold
You yell "From the forge of Vulcan!" Lightning
You yell "The anger of the Mad Chemist!" Acid stream
You yell "From the Fangs of Jormungand" Poison blast
You yell "With the wisdom of Merlin!" Magic missile


Similarly to sigil of tempest, the technique does very little damage, which is probably a bug: while ordinary rays in SLASH'EM do (XL/2 + bonus)d6 damage, discharged rays only do plain (XL/2 + bonus). The exception is the monster standing directly before you when you cast the spell: it recieves normal ray damage.