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Sliming is a serious status affliction in NetHack that occurs if you are hit by the touch attack of a green slime, use a biting or brain-sucking attack against it, engulf it, or eat a glob of green slime. It is shown as Slime in the status line.


The sliming process is a delayed instadeath that will irreversibly transform you in nine turns - this is shortened to four turns if you have engulfed it. If you "die" as a result of sliming and leave bones, your character will be a green slime rather than a ghost. If your life is saved by an amulet of life saving, you will also survive as a green slime unless they have been genocided, but this is instead treated as a polymorph that will wear off as normal. Other monsters that suffer from sliming will immediately turn into green slimes.


There are more than a few methods of curing sliming, all of which are listed below:

  • Burn away the slime using any fire-based attack: zapping yourself with a wand of fire, reading a scroll of fire, being caught in an explosion from a lit potion of oil, stepping on a fire trap, or throwing a weapon that inflicts fire damage, such as Fire Brand, upwards via <. Drinking a burning potion of oil will not cure sliming. Monsters afflicted by sliming that can breathe fire will do so at themselves to burn away the slime.[1]
  • Controlled polymorphing into either a green slime or a fiery monster (specifically a fire vortex, flaming sphere, fire elemental, or salamander).[2]
  • Casting cure sickness successfully causes the slime to disappear.
  • The Staff of Aesculapius cures sliming among other status effects when invoked.
  • Prayer is also effective at removing slime, assuming you are not in Gehennom (where green slimes can randomly generate).
  • An amulet of life saving will allow you to survive as a green slime, provided they have not been genocided; you will eventually return to normal.
  • An amulet of unchanging will immediately abort the sliming process if worn during it.

There is no specific, intrinsic resistance to sliming, and the only ways to gain resistance are to wear an amulet of unchanging or else polymorph into a green slime or a fiery monster.

The following information pertains to an upcoming version (NetHack 3.7.0). If this version is now released, please verify that it is still accurate, then update the page to incorporate this information.

Drinking a burning potion of oil will now cure sliming; monsters can also use this method.


If you have controlled polymorph, it is generally preferable to polymorph into a fiery monster - this renders you immune to subsequent sliming attacks, and most fiery monsters are solid fighting forms. The salamander is likely the best one to choose, as it is the only fiery monster with eyes and can wear all armor except boots. Fire vortices are also a good option - although they are blind, they are extremely fast and can pick up items.

As sliming lacks a formal resistance, various late-game foes up to and including the Wizard of Yendor are not immune to sliming.

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Sliming was first introduced along with green slimes in NetHack 3.3.0. From this version to NetHack 3.6.0, as well as some variants based on these versions, surviving via life saving would leave you in your current form instead of turning you into a green slime.


Message Turns to live
"You don't feel very well." 9
"You are turning a little green." 8
"Your limbs are getting oozy." 6
"Your skin begins to peel away." 4
"You are turning into a green slime." 2
"You have become a green slime." 0

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