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The Slowing attack, known as AD_SLOW in the source[1], is an attack possessed by shades and skeletons. It removes both intrinsic speed and temporary extrinsic speed (from the spell or potion) if you have either or both. Your dexterity is abused[2].

It does not affect permanent extrinsic speed, as provided by speed boots. You will still lose both the fast and very fast forms of intrinsic speed.

Slowing is successful only 1 in 4 times the attack hits, and is additionally affected by magic cancellation[3].

The deferred beholder has source code for a slowing attack from its gaze.[4] This is unaffected by magic cancellation.

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As of commit 76de4f6e, ice devils also get a slowing touch.


"You slow down."
You lost speed.
"Your quickness feels less natural."
You lost speed, however you still have extrinsic speed from a permanent source.


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