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Surgery is a technique available to Healers in SLASH'EM and Bleeders in Slash'EM Extended.

It has one of the following effects:

  • If you are stunned, confused, or hallucinating, no effect. ("You are in no condition to perform surgery.")
  • Otherwise, if you are slimed or sick and are carrying a scalpel, the sliming or sickness is cured, and you lose 5 HP to a minimum of 1. ("Using your scalpel (ow!) you cure your infection.")
  • Otherwise, if your HP is below maximum, you gain TECHLEVEL + 4 + d5 HP. ("You bandage your wounds as best you can.")
    • If you are carrying a medical kit, you gain an additional TECHLEVEL × d2. ("Using your medical kit you bandage your wounds.")
  • If your HP is full, no effect. ("You don't need your healing powers.")