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Surgery is a Technique of the Role Healer in SLASH'EM and the Technique of the Role Bleeder in Slash EM Extended.

It has one of the following effects:

  • If Stun, Conf, or Hallu
Message: You are in no condition to perform surgery.
  • If Slimed or sick and you are carrying a scalpel
Message: Using your scalpel (ow!) you cure your infection.
Effect: The slime/sickness is removed, and your HP is reduced by 5 (set to 1 if HP < 5).
  • If HP < Max HP
Message: You bandage your wounds as best you can.
Effect: HP increased by TECHLEVEL +rn1(5,5)
  • If HP < Max HP and you have a Medical kit
Message: Using your medical kit you bandage your wounds.
Effect: HP increased by TECHLEVEL*(rnd(2)+1)+rn1(5,5).
  • If HP = Max HP
Message: You don't need your healing powers.