The Sunless Sea

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For the similar branch in dNetHack, see The Sea (dNetHack).

In SLASH'EM, SlashTHEM, and Hack'EM, The Sunless Sea is a single-level dungeon branch accessed by a stairway down that is located between levels 28 and 31. Monster generation in the Sunless Sea is biased toward chaotic monsters.


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The ( on the island in the middle of the sea indicates a cache of treasure, composed of a chest, two random wands, two random amulets, two random rings, and three random gems; there are also four random objects located on the beach. There are five giant crabs on the beach. The marked monsters in the sea proper are all sharks; the sea also contains six other sharks and seven other random ;. The X mark indicates a burnt message reading "The lamp washed into the sea while I slept! Woe and damnation!" and a random item. As the engraving suggests, there is a magic lamp located somewhere in the sea.


After finding the lamp with a potion of object detection or blessed scroll of magic mapping, it can be moved to another location (hopefully land) with a zap from a wand of teleportation, or snatched with a bullwhip while levitating. Flying does not work for the bullwhip: vampires need a levitation item. Swimming or magical breathing will also work. A carefully applied or zapped wand of cold can provide ice to dig the lamp out as well.

Another approach is to fill in the water using a scroll of earth and dig the lamp out with a pick-axe.

Retrieving the lamp is almost never worthwhile: for a character that can reach the Sunless Sea, a single wish isn't likely to make much of a difference. Moreover, SLASH'EM characters can reverse genocide gypsies to generate wishes if they need more. Ironically, the character most likely to find retrieving the lamp to be worth their time is a wishless character who has not found an infinite light source yet: while the lighter magic candle is preferable, the lamp is better than nothing.


You hear the roar of the sea. That can't be right....
You entered the level for the first time.

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