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Flag on the moon.  How did it get there?
[The Beast of Yucca Flats, written, produced and directed by Coleman Francis]

A casual NetHack player with an interest in learning how to code. Following the development of several of the active variants—and the release of NetHack 3.6.0—has given me ideas for a few alternative roles, and I'm sharing the concepts here as YONI (Yet Other New Ideas). Some are reinterpretations of roles that already exist in variants, while others are new.

In the future I would like to upload some of these roles as patches, once I've learned how to make a patch. I have some familiarity with coding through reading the source, but I still have yet to learn how to compile. My current "compiler" is a word processor that I'm using to type up diff files.

If these roles ever reach the status of working patches, I may post them on Bilious. In the meantime I'll share the concepts and quests, as they take shape, on my namespace.

If you have any feedback, feel free to share it on my talk page.



My interpretation of a short-lived NetHack-- role that was later picked up by Slash'EM Extended. This started out as a new quest for the existing role with different maps and text, but as I worked on it I developed my own concept of how a firefighter would approach the Mazes of Menace, and decided to make it into a role patch for NetHack 3.6.0. There isn't a finished patch yet to upload, but I have some code written for one.

The Firefighter is a melee-focused role with intrinsic fire resistance and bonuses to disarming traps and untrapping monsters. Firefighters are unrestricted in all two-handed melee weapons and several large bladed weapons, riding and fighting with two weapons, and a few strategic classes of spells. However, they are restricted in all but a few ranged options. They can be humans, dwarves, or gnomes, and can be lawful or neutral.

My Firefighter quest keeps the same basic plot as the Slash'EM Extended one, but changes a few character and location names for flavor, and redesigns maps to add challenges suited to search and rescue personnel. The quest monsters are changed to canines and quadrupeds, in keeping with the forest setting and the role's emphasis on melee combat, but there are still plenty of fire elementals, fire vortices, and a few salamanders.


User:Flag On The Moon/Maps: some other des-file maps I've designed.