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Nicked from the mages of VoR's Hallucinatory Bestiary, we bring you some Nethack Stuff.

Templates: various

Agony Ant

The Agony Ant has a weak bite, but an annoying stun. Its final act is a rumour of some description.

Agony Ant a
Template Fire ant
Attacks Bite 1d4, Sting 1d4 stun, Explode on death 1d4 garo report
Alignment 0 (neutral)
Frequency 0 (Not randomly generated)
Resistances poison
An Agony Aunt is solitary

It is not our business to teach persons how to evade the laws. We could imagine circumstances where we might, in confidence, impart the coveted knowledge, but we would rather not be asked.

The Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine, 1856

Bobby On The Beat

Bobbies on the Beat are a rare type of Kop that randomly spawn in pairs. They have a Watchman-like function. If they witness the player character commit any infraction, they will call the Kops. Infractions include any act of Dungeon destruction, or the Bobby being attacked, or actually any fighting ("disorderly conduct"). Bobbies on the Beat on a level can be heard to make such remarks as

"'Allo 'allo 'allo, what 'ave we 'ere then?"
"You can't park here, Sir / Madam." 
"Oi! You're nicked, Sunshine!"  

Chatting elicits standard Watchman conversation.

Bobby On The Beat K
Template Kop captain
Alignment 7 (lawful)
Frequency 0 (Not randomly generated)
A Bobby on the Beat Is normally generated peaceful
Occurs in pairs
Can talk

More than a third of people in England and Wales have not seen a bobby on the beat for a year, research suggests.

BBC, 2016


Don't mess with the cavepersons – they carry a really big club.

Caveperson @
Template Caveman
Attacks club 4d10 (stun)
Alignment 7 (lawful)
Frequency 0 (Not randomly generated)
A Caveperson Is normally generated peaceful
Occurs in small groups

A word of advice, Durk: It's the Mesolithic. We've domesticated the dog, we're using stone tools, and no one's naked anymore.

Gary Larson, The Far Side

DIElithium crystal

The DIElithium crystal is a homicidal self-aware mineral that packs a nasty electric zap.

DIElithium Crystal *
Template Pile of killer coins
Attacks 3d8 lightning bolt (shock), 3d8 passive (shock)
Alignment -7 (chaotic)
Frequency 0 (Not randomly generated)
Drops 1 dilithium crystal

Engineering. No casualties, captain, but trouble aplenty with the engines. Every dilithium crystal connection smashed in the warp engine circuitry.

Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek The Original Series

Filth Beatle

The Filth Beatle is something of a crossover from the Music Monsters. Its nip is more of a nuisance, leading to perceptual problems.

Filth Beatle a
Template Giant beetle
Attacks Bite 1d4 (hallucination)
Alignment 0 (neutral)
Frequency 0 (Not randomly generated)
Resistances Poison, sickness
Drops 1 random scroll
A Filth Beatle Occurs in groups of from one to five.

Yellow matter custard
Dripping from a dead dog's eye
Crabalocker fishwife, pornographic priestess
Boy, you've been a naughty girl
You let your knickers down

Lennon and McCartney, I am the Walrus

Funky Monkey

The Funky Monkey is notable for its exquisite Stinking-Cloud-related expertise.

Funky Monkey Y
Template Monkey
Attacks Claw steals a random item, Bite 1d3, cast Stinking cloud
Alignment 0 (neutral)
Frequency 0 (Not randomly generated)
Resistances Poison
Drops 2d4 bananas
A Funky Monkey occurs in small groups

Como banana, biscoito e engulo caroço até me engasgar.
Faço minhas macacadas, rolou batucada eu vou me acabar.
Bolsa brilhante, relógio, não marque bobeira que eu pego pra mim.
Vamos plantar bananeira, jogar capoeira cantando assim
Ae, ae!

Brown / Mutti / Garrett; © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Fox Music, Inc


This tunnelling type of orc shaman digs in random directions, picking up loot. Different from other tunnelling monsters, 50% of the time an orchealogist will dig down to create a pit. If they find themselves in a pit without status afflictions, they are 95% likely to jump out. If in a pit with status afflictions (e.g., blind, frightened), they are only 5% likely to jump out. Otherwise they dig a hole. They are mainly a nuisance because of digging pits and holes.

Orchaealogist o
Template Orc shaman
Alignment 0 (neutral)
Frequency 0 (Not randomly generated)
Drops Pickaxe, Sack
An orchaealogist Is generated peaceful
Can jump
Is solitary

Is this quest bugged? I talked to the orc, conviced him of showing me where the grave is. He starts running, then sits down, and tells me its right in fron of his feet, but there is no grave there. Is the quest bugged or something?

User: AmAtic. Divinity: Original Sin (Classic) Forums

Phone Zombie

Phone zombies are both blind and invisible. Interestingly, their invisibility is mediated by a rare spell called "it believes it is invisible". Phone zombies carry a special type of mirror. Bumping into a phone zombie will anger it. Any nymph that is killed with a mirror in its inventory has a 2% chance to rise as a phone zombie. Any h, k, n, o, C, G, H, K, N, O, Q, T, or @ that is killed on a level where there has been a phone zombie has a 50% chance to spawn a phone zombie from its corpse after 1d12 turns.

Phone Zombie Z
Template Human zombie
Attacks Claw 1d8
Alignment 0 (neutral)
Frequency 0 (Not randomly generated)
Drops Mirror
A phone zombie Is blind
Is invisible
Is generated peaceful
Appears in large groups

Enough of Hong Kong's mobile phone zombie menaces to society.
It’s time to take matters into our own hands to shock these public nuisances out of their reverie and back into the real world.

Yonden Lhatoo, South China Morning Post