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Dungeonmodders! VoR brings you his hallucinatory bestiary, currently counted at denizens 55. Historically a topic for the Forum, futurologically a REAL THING. Join the forum discussion here.

Chromatic Unicorns

Variations on unicorns, with reference to different moral axes

orange unicorn

blue unicorn

brown unicorn

rainbow unicorn

ultraviolet unicorn

xray unicorn

yellow unicorn

pink unicorn

spotted unicorn

lesser spotted unicorn

Monsters of the Sciences

Feature-mimicking monsters

coefficient of friction

polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon

tropical sunset

Morality Monsters

Certain moral considerations, made real

Consequence of Your Insouciance

moment of clarity

moral hazard

moral event horizon

Music Monsters

Exploding scrolls, all the hits

1812 Overture


enigma variation


warped record

Nethack Stuff

Modified monsters, non-unique ones

agony ant

bobby on the beat


DIElithium crystal

filth beatle

funky monkey


phone zombie

Nutritional Monsters

Your lunch is alive!

fries with that

carnivorous lentil

Happy Meal™

veal currie


Unique beings occasionally appearing at certain levels

Governor Tarkin

Highest Priestest


Purple Ampersand


Thing 1

Thing 2


Random Set

Some mimic-substitutes when out shopping

apologetic customer

atomic budgie

hypotonic saline infusion

perfidious Albion

protest vote

registered trademark

round tuit

sinking feeling

winning ticket


These can be a menace

The Thing

Das Ding

Thing That Should Not Be

Wild Thing