Wallet of Perseus

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(   Wallet of Perseus   Bag.png
Base item bag of holding
Affiliation unaligned
When carried Changes weight of items inside:
When applied Put in or remove items
When invoked none
Base price 10000 zm
Weight 15

The Wallet of Perseus is an unaligned artifact that appears in SLASH'EM, SlashTHEM and Hack'EM. Its base item is a bag of holding, and in Hack'EM it is made of dragonhide.

Despite its name, the Wallet of Perseus has no affiliation with the statue of Perseus on Medusa's Island.


The Wallet of Perseus cannot be randomly generated and is only obtainable through wishing, bones, or sacrifice.[1] Since it is an unaligned artifact, any player can receive it as a sacrifice gift at an altar, but it will never be the first gift given.


The Wallet of Perseus functions the same as any other bag of holding, but has improved weight reduction; it effectively reduces the weight of all items inside it to 13 if uncursed, compared to 12 with its base item. When blessed, the weight of its contents is reduced to 16 compared to 14 from a blessed bag of holding. Essentially, the Wallet of Perseus can hold roughly 50% more than a regular bag of holding when non-cursed; however, a cursed Wallet will quadruple the weight of its contents, double that of a cursed bag of holding. Like any bag of holding, the Wallet of Perseus will be destroyed if a charged wand of cancellation or bag of tricks is inserted.


In Hack'EM, the Wallet of Perseus additionally grants protection while carried, making it the same as the Bag of the Hesperides from EvilHack.


While not essential for survival, Rogues and pack rats will find this an extremely useful artifact. Depending on play style and early game needs, it may even be worth spending a second or third wish to acquire. In the early to mid-game, transporting your stash with the Wallet of Perseus will only take a single trip.

After a successful assault on Fort Ludios, the Wallet enables players to strip the level of all its items and loot, including the landmines, in about 3 trips. A particularly daring player can abscond with One-Eyed Sam's marginally useful loot in a single excursion without even being encumbered.

As with any bag of holding, keeping a wand of cancellation in a separate sack is worthwhile in the event you need to uncurse it.


The Wallet of Perseus is named for the knapsack given to Perseus by the Hesperides, which was used to contain Medusa's head upon decapitating her. The knapsack also inspired the Bag of the Hesperides, an artifact in EvilHack with the same properties as the Wallet and additional extrinsic protection.


  1. See SLASH'EM 0.0.7E7F2/mkobj.c; only weapons and armor have a chance of being made into artifacts