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* Gray stone.png
Name whetstone
Appearance gray stone
Damage vs. small 1d3
Damage vs. large 1d3
To-hit bonus +0
Weapon skill sling
Size one-handed
Base price 45 zm
Weight 10
Material mineral

In SLASH'EM, a whetstone is a gray stone that can remove rust and negative enchantments (up to +0) from an edged weapon or a pick-axe.[1] This action requires a source of water (fountain, sink, toilet or pool). Stand at some water and apply the whetstone.

The whetstone's beatitude determines the chance of success. An artifact weapon will resist the whetstone, lowering this chance.[2]

stone chance of success with artifact
blessed whestone 1/3 1/6
uncursed whetstone 1/4 1/7
cursed whestone 1/6 1/9
other gray stone 0 0

If you fail, you can try again. If you always fail, your gray stone is not a whetstone. If you succeed, you remove one level of rust; or if there was no rust, you remove one point of negative enchantment.


Note that a whetstone cannot remove corrosion.

If you try to use a whetsone with no water other than potions (BUC status does not matter), you get the message, "Better not waste bottled water on that."

If your gray stone is not a whetstone, then you will try to sharpen the edge, but your attempt will always fail.


The number of turns is initially calculated as: 130 + (rnl(13) * 5)

If cursed, the time is doubled.

On each turn while occupied by sharpening, there are checks to see if you are blind, fumbling, confused, stunned, or hallucinating. If you are free of any of these afflictions, your time remaining is decreased by 2 turns. For each affliction, you get a penalty of 1 turn. As example, if you are confused, your time remaining is reduced by only 1 turn, and if confused and stunned, it is not reduced at all.


These stones are rarely useful. There are many ways to obtain an erodeproof weapon, and most players will have access to one of those long before they find and identify a whetstone. Even for players who luck out and manage to find a whetstone early, they only repair one kind of damage (rust) for one kind of weapon (edged weapons). Furthermore, they require many turns to use, meaning players will likely consume a fair amount of food in using them (especially since their use is easily interrupted by passing monsters).


Author Pasi Kallinen
Download link
NetHack PatchDB 34

The whetstone first appeared in a patch for NetHack 3.4.0. Then SLASH'EM 0.0.7E0 included this patch.[3]