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The zouthern animal is a monster class introduced in SLASH'EM, and also appears in SlashTHEM, SpliceHack, and Hack'EM. It is represented by the lowercase z glyph (z). The zouthern animals are designated internally by the macro S_ZOUTHERN, and represent mammals from the "zouthern" (southern) continent of Australia and nearby islands.

The zruty, z, which is the only member of its monster class in NetHack, is moved to the ​Y apelike creature class.

Common traits

With the exception of the Tasmanian devil, all zouthern animals may generate as peaceful towards neutral characters.

List of monsters by variant

The exact list of monsters that make up the zouthern animals changes depending on the variant - the monster class as it initially appears in SLASH'EM contains the following monsters:


SpliceHack adds one new monster to the monster class:


Zouthern animals are generally based on existing types of wildlife that inhabit the mainlands of Australia as well as its surrounding islands.

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