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An Archangel, A, is a type of monster that appears in EvilHack and Hack'EM. It is a strong, humanoid angelic being that is second in strength among non-unique angelic beings after the Archon, and is a prince to its kind.

Archangels have two weapon attacks, a claw attack, the ability to cast clerical monster spells, and a holding attack. They possess magic resistance and every form of elemental resistance minus acid resistance.


Archangels are not randomly generated, and are not a valid form for polymorph. Three Archangels are placed on the Astral Plane upon level creation. Additionally, when Izchak is killed, he will transform into an Archangel. Apart from this, Archangels will never be seen without the player creating one deliberately, either through wishing for a figurine of one or wishing for a statue and casting stone to flesh on it.


Archangels can be dangerous, but are rarely seen. The main danger when fighting one is their holding attack. If it lands, the player will be more vulnerable to being swarmed by monsters, which is especially perilous on the Astral Plane, where Archangels are most often seen. While Archangels are not very threatening offensively for an endgame-ready character, they are quite tanky, and trying to kill one in melee can quickly waste valuable time. Wands of teleportation are especially useful for escape; expensive cameras can also scare them. Musical scaring tools are very unreliable, due to Archangels having a high monster magic resistance of 75, and should be used only as a last resort, if at all.

Encyclopedia entry

All knees to thee shall bow, of them that bide
In Heaven, or Earth, or under Earth in Hell;
When thou attended gloriously from Heav’n
Shalt in the Skie appeer, and from thee send
The summoning Arch-Angels to proclaime
Thy dread Tribunal: forthwith from all Windes
The living, and forthwith the cited dead
Of all past Ages to the general Doom
Shall hast’n, such a peal shall rouse thir sleep.
[ Paradise Lost, by John Milton ]

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