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The changed and warrior changed are creatures in dNetHack normally encountered only on the Anachrononaut quest. They are humanoids that have been corrupted by exposure to the Far Realms of Insanity.

Every time a new monster or group of monsters is generated in this branch, there is a 1-in-7 chance that it will be some type of changed humanoid, with an additional 4-in-5 chance of a group of ordinary changed, and a 1-in-5 chance of a solitary warrior changed.

As a result, random monster generation on the quest has about an 11.4% probability of creating a group of changed, and about a 2.8% probability of creating a warrior changed.

Once a changed is dropped below 50% health, it will stop healing naturally and begin releasing small poison clouds while losing 1 HP per turn. When a changed dies, it produces a large stinking cloud.


Warrior changed

Encyclopedia entry

Those Changed by the Far Realms of Insanity now find the
Prime Material plane inimical to their existence, and must
wear protective suits formed from the flesh of those still
native to our dying universe. Should the suit be breached,
the Changed within will slowly boil away in a cloud of
noxious fumes.