Dal Zethire

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Dal Zethire is the cartomancer quest nemesis. Although his attacks are relatively weak, his multitude of usable items makes him very annoying to fight.


Dal Zethire is generated with the following items:


If he picks up the Holographic Void Lily, Dal Zethire will have reflection, making zapping him with a wand of death a waste of valuable charges. It is possible for Dal Zethire to be generated with a cursed scroll of teleport, making destroying his scrolls a top priority. Hitting Dal Zethire with fire attacks can potentially burn his scrolls, which will prevent him from filling the room with monsters, blinding the player, or dropping boulders on them.

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There are those who play for the love of the game, and those who play for the love of their friends. Rare are those that play only to win.

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