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Glib is a property in NetHack that occurs as a result of using certain items or eating certain comestibles, leaving you with slippery fingers.


Your fingers can become slippery for 11-15 turns through any of the following actions:

While your fingers (or gloves if you are wearing them) are slippery, you will drop any items you are wielding, and non-cursed rings may slip from your fingers;[1] putting on or removing gloves does not affect this property. You cannot open tins or write with slippery fingers, and items dropped in a shop as a result of slippery fingers automatically become the property of the shopkeeper.

Slippery fingers can be cleaned by applying a non-cursed towel.

The following information pertains to an upcoming version (NetHack 3.7.0). If this version is now released, please verify that it is still accurate, then update the page to incorporate this information.

As of commit fe39a2b, a tethered aklys will not slip from your hand.


Losing your weapon due to slippery fingers can range from a mild annoyance, to a major inconvenience in the case of shops and artifact weapons, to potentially fatal should it occur in the middle of combat. Be mindful of where you eat tins, and make sure to uncurse cans of grease and towels before using them - a non-cursed towel is worth keeping around for this purpose.


Some variants incorporate the Oily Corpses Patch by L, which gives certain corpses a chance of causing slippery fingers.


In GruntHack, wearing greased gloves grants slippery fingers as an extrinsic.


In UnNetHack, eating the corpse of an amorphous or slithy monster that is not a snake, naga or mimic has a 15 chance of giving you slippery fingers.


In xNetHack, eating an amorphous or slithy monster functions as in UnNetHack with the same exceptions.


In SlashTHEM, you may become glib as a result of wearing a ring of disarming, or as one of the effects of eating rotten food.


In Hack'EM, eating an amorphous or slithy monster functions as in UnNetHack with the same exceptions.