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This article is about the monster class. For the comestible, see lump of royal jelly.

The jelly is a monster class that appears in NetHack, and is represented by the lowercase j glyph (j). Jellies are designated internally by the macro S_JELLY.[1]

The class contains the following monsters:[2]

Common traits

Jellies are neutral monsters that are amorphous, mindless and unbreathing. Each jelly has a passive attack that triggers in response to melee attacks.

The ochre jelly is the only jelly that is not sessile and able to engulf other monsters.

Body parts

Jelly also refers to the grouping of body parts for the forms of jellies and jellyfish, and affects the messages referring to the appropriate body parts as follows:[3][4]

Body part Description
Arm Pseudopod (tentacle for jellyfish)
Eye Dark spot
Face Front
Finger Pseudopod extension (tentacle for jellyfish)
Fingertip Pseudopod extremity
Foot Pseudopod root (tentacle for jellyfish)
Hand Grasp (tentacle for jellyfish)
Handed Grasped
Head Cerebral area
Leg Lower pseudopod
Light Headed Viscous
Neck Middle
Spine Surface
Toe Pseudopod extremity (tentacle for jellyfish)
Hair Ripples
Blood Juices
Lung Surface
Nose Sensor
Stomach Stomach


Randomly-generated jellies are always created hostile.

The jelly is the second quest monster class for Knights, and makes up 6175 of the monsters that are randomly generated on the Knight quest. A few jellies are also generated on some levels of the quest below the home floor at level creation: two are generated on the locate level, and one is generated on the goal level.



SLASH'EM introduces additional jellies: