Minotaur priestess

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A minotaur priestess, H, is a type of monster that appears in dNetHack and notdNetHack. The minotaur priestess is a form of giant minotaur with the ability to cast monster spells despite not being an intelligent monster, and shares many of the same qualities (including being considered a giant) as the base minotaur.

A minotaur priestess has a headbutt attack and the ability to cast one monster spell clerically during each of her turns: geyser, fire pillar, lightning, curse items, and open wounds.


Minotaur priestesses are always generated as hostile, and are only randomly generated in Gehennom. They are not a valid form for polymorph.

A minotaur priestess with three random spellbooks is generated in the shrouded dispensary. Fourteen minotaur priestesses are placed around the lair of Baphomet at level creation, and they also make up 110 of the monsters randomly generated there.

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