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In NetHack, a non-teleport level is any level that prevents all forms of self-teleportation within the same level, whether from the scroll of teleportation, teleportitis, or any other such method. There are generally no restrictions on level teleporting or branchporting with the Eye of the Aethiopica. However, you cannot levelport from Sokoban, nor can you do so in the quest before you obtain your quest leader's permission to enter; the Elemental Planes cannot be left in any other way than the magic portals present on each plane.

On a non-teleport level, you will not be able to escape the monsters by teleporting yourself, but neither will the monsters escape from you. Thus you might need to change from your usual strategy.

Even in 3.4.3, monsters have to learn teleport restrictions through personal experience. Monsters frequently waste one scroll of teleportation trying to escape you. Nymphs, nurses and foocubi will still try to teleport away from you, but will always fail. Once an individual monster has attempted teleportation by such methods, or stepped on a teleport trap, on a non-teleport level, it does not do so again.[1][2][3] Such a wised-up monster will also try not to wander onto any teleport trap (except to escape),[4] and has a 75% chance of escaping traps it walks onto.[5]

On non-teleport levels, you can still teleport monsters and items; the only restrictions on teleporting are that creatures (including the player) cannot teleport themselves, and the quantum mechanic's teleport attack does not work. Therefore, a wand of teleportation is an incredibly effective defense in high-density levels such as Moloch's Sanctum and the Astral Plane.

Covetous monsters will still be able to warp to the up-staircase. Covetous monsters include master liches, arch-liches, quest nemeses, and demon lords and princes. Many levels where master liches tend to appear, such as demon lairs, are non-teleport. If you have telepathy, you can easily see where such monsters are warping. However, even if you have teleport control, you will not be able to follow them by teleporting. You will have to walk to the up staircase and endure injury while the monster warps and heals. Once you can reach the up staircase, stand on it to block it. This tactic does not work on the Astral Plane—covetous monsters will simply teleport to retreat a few spaces.

If you are engulfed on a non-teleport level, you cannot escape by teleporting yourself; however, if you teleport the engulfing monster, you will stay put and the monster will be teleported away. This is in contrast to regular levels, where you go with the engulfing monster.

List of non-teleport levels

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Demon lairs are no longer non-teleport, but demon lords and princes suppress the teleportation of you or any monster that isn't a demon lord or prince, in Gehennom.


A mysterious force prevents you from teleporting!
You attempted to teleport within a no-teleport level.


In SLASH'EM, the following levels are also no-teleport:

The following levels are no longer no teleport:


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