Ogre (starting race)

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The ogre is a playable race that appears in GruntHack and SlashTHEM.


All ogres starts with a club in addition to their normal starting inventory. They can be any role and alignment.

An ogre learns techniques by leveling up: they start out with missile flurry, and they get berserk at XL 10, primal roar at XL 15 and critical strike at XL 20. Ogro characters also start with uncurable aggravate monster and are prevented from getting stealth.


Apart from their techniques, ogre characters aren't that great. Their intrinsic aggravate monster means they will have to fight more often, but they may use their techniques for melee and ranged combat to increase their chances of survival.

Any ogres that are randomly spawned will be peaceful for an ogre character, and their corpses and tins do not incur cannibalism penalties.

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