Poisonous cloak

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Poisonous cloak
Appearance random
Slot cloak
AC 0
Base price 40 zm
Weight 10
Material cloth

A poisonous cloak is a type of cloak that appears in SLASH'EM, SlashTHEM and Hack'EM. It is made of cloth and has a randomized appearance.


A cursed -1 poisonous cloak appears within the Chamber of Junk in the Lawful Quest. In SlashTHEM, this also applies to the Undertaker quest, whose goal level is a copy of the Lawful Quest.

In Hack'EM, poisonous cloaks usually generate cursed.


While worn, the cloak confers no base AC before enchantment and MC3. Upon wearing a poisonous cloak, you are subjected to a single poisoned "attack" that deals standard HP damage and reduces strength, including a 13 chance of killing you instantly;[1] the cloak is then auto-identified. If you have poison resistance, a message is printed upon wearing the cloak with no other effect.[2]


In Hack'EM, the chance of instadeath only applies if the player has less than 25% poison resistance; the player will still take poison damage subject to reduction by how much resistance they currently have. Poisonous cloaks also prevent HP regeneration while worn, regardless of poison resistance.

Upgrading a poisonous cloak will produce an alchemy smock, and vice versa.


The poisonous cloak's primary purpose is to make wearing random cloaks a very bad idea: identifying them informally before you have poison resistance is difficult, since they have the same odds of generating cursed as most items, compared to other armor such as gauntlets of fumbling and levitation boots that is generally undesirable to wear cursed. This is likely because the poison effect only occurs once each time you wear it: if you survive putting on a poisonous cloak, it is harmless to leave on until you find another suitable cloak, and even provides a source of MC3 if all else fails.

In Hack'EM, the cloak can additionally be upgraded into an alchemy smock, which provides valuable poison and acid resistance simultaneously.


Price identification can be deceptively difficult for this cloak. The poisonous cloak is the only one with a base price of 40zm, but does not generate as mostly cursed (outside of Hack'EM) meaning it may have some form of enchantment: a +1 enchantment gives them the same cost as a cloak of protection or a cloak of displacement. The only methods to identify a poisonous cloak that are absolutely certain are to formally identify all randomized cloaks you intend to put on.


The poisonous cloak first appears in SLASH 6 as the cloak of poisonousness.


This cloak feels a little itchy.
You wore a poisonous cloak while you had poison resistance.[2]