Ring of increase accuracy

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Name increase accuracy
Appearance random
Base price 150 zm
Weight 3

A ring of increase accuracy adds its enchantment to your to-hit rolls. The enchantment can be altered by charging. Like the ring of increase damage, it can be eaten for a chance at obtaining an intrinsic accuracy bonus provided it is of an edible material.


The ring is tricky to identify unless the player starts with it, however, as there is no message upon donning it. Using a source of enlightenment can allow you to deduce that an unidentified ring is increase accuracy; there will be a line stating your bonus or penalty to hit.

Dropping this ring down a sink produces the message "The water flow hits the drain." If the enchantment is negative, the following message appears: "The water flow misses the drain."


In the early game, weaker roles may benefit from the accuracy bonus while training weapons from unskilled to basic. Monks who decide to wear body armor may benefit from accuracy bonuses well into the middle game. For most other middle and late game characters, this ring is best used as polyfodder.

Eating the ring is rarely helpful, as eating jewelry generally requires polymorph control, which is hard to obtain in the early game.


Although no NetHack variants change the function of this ring, it's worth noting that several variants have enemies with exceptionally high AC, such as One-Eyed Sam in UnNethack, SLASH'EM, and DynaHack who often has AC -20 and below. Also of note, UnNetHack nerfs the bonus that luck gives to accuracy to Luck/3, while DynaHack removes it entirely. Ingesting or wearing rings of increase accuracy may prove useful in these cases.

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