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A shirt is a type of armor that appears in NetHack and is generally worn underneath body armor.


Shirts make up 1% of all randomly generated armor.

List of shirts

There are two types of shirt in NetHack:

Name Cost Weight AC Weight/AC Material MC Appearance
T-shirt 2 5 0 0 cloth 0
Hawaiian shirt 3 5 0 0 cloth 0


Shirts confer no base AC on their own, but can be enchanted into a lightweight source of extra AC - they are most valuable for this purpose once a character has obtained magic resistance or unchanging to protect them from polymorph traps, since polymorphing into a large form will destroy torso armor. In the early game, it may be better to enchant other armor such as a helm, boots or gloves; in the later stages, they are a somewhat common form of wish used to complete late-game and ascension kits by topping off a character's AC.

Shirts are a popular target for polypiling since they are non-magical, making them fairly easy to obtain by polymorphing a large pile of armor - the Castle and Fort Ludios in particular always guarantee a sufficient amount of armor, and the Castle's armor storeroom has a significant 13.13% chance of containing a shirt. The random general store items in Orcus Town may also have a shirt among them.

The table below contains a breakdown of the probabilities of success for polypiling a shirt:

Confidence 25% 50% 75% 95%
Polymorphs 28.62 68.97 137.94 298.07
Armors needed (blessed) 3.59 8.66 17.32 37.41
Armors needed (uncursed) 5.51 13.29 26.58 57.42


Variants of NetHack often add new types of shirts - those that incorporate the Convict role add the striped shirt, which all Convicts start the game with.


dNetHack adds several shirts with distinct effects:


SpliceHack adds a few shirt-type items:


SlashTHEM adds the following shirts:

  • Ruffled shirts from dNetHack, which behave as ordinary shirts
  • Victorian underwear from dNetHack, which still grants MC3 at the cost of an AC penalty
  • Expensive suits from the NetHack-- series, which Undertakers start with
  • Striped shirts, which Convicts start the game with