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Appearance striped shirt
Slot shirt
AC 0
Special get banned from shops
Base price 2 zm
Weight 5
Material cloth

A striped shirt is a type of shirt that appears as part of the Convict patch incorporated in UnNetHack, DynaHack, dNetHack, SpliceHack, notdNetHack, EvilHack, SlashTHEM, and Hack'EM. It is made of cloth.

In EvilHack, the striped shirt is the base item for the Striped Shirt of Liberation.


All Convicts start the game with a +0 cursed striped shirt.


While worn, the striped shirt confers no base AC. Reading the striped shirt will display a prisoner number.

Attempting to enter a shop with a visible striped shirt will cause the shopkeeper to bar your character from entering that shop through normal means, and prices for that shop are hiked up. In variants with the black market, if this occurs within any of the shops there, the prices of wares in the branch are instead reduced.


Removing the cursed striped shirt is one of the primary tasks for starting Convicts, alongside securing permafood and gaining enough alignment to access prayer to your deity - there are a few options for Convicts to ditch their uniforms:

  • The easiest temporary solution is to put on any (ideally non-cursed) body armor or cloak to cover the shirt until you find a more permanent solution - take care not to reveal the shirt inside a shop or within sight of a shopkeeper.
  • Uncursing the shirt allows it to be removed as normal, after which it can be sold or utilized in a similar manner to other shirts (though with the above caveat of not revealing a worn one near shopkeepers). A non-cursed scroll of remove curse or scroll of enchant armor are both suitable for this purpose, and the scroll of remove curse has can additionally unchain a heavy iron ball from your character. If you can curry enough favor with your deity early on, they may uncurse the shirt as a favor, or you can use successful water prayer to make holy water and uncurse it.
  • Dipping the shirt repeatedly into a fountain can help uncurse it, but is very risky for a starting character: The odds of uncursing a dipped cursed item are 215, while the odds of generating water nymphs, water moccasins or a water demon are each 130 - while it is slightly more likely that you will uncurse the shirt, you will just as likely meet a swift death.
  • Nymphs (including water nymphs from fountains) can be used to help remove the shirt as well as unchaining the iron ball, but are just as likely to steal other items - if you plan to use a nymph to free yourself of your restraints, try to drop as many other items on the ground as possible.
  • Foocubi encounters can help you remove the shirt, but may result in negative effects up to and including level drain - it is usually worth gaining a few levels if you plan to consort with foocubi, especially since you may need the HP to survive falls down stairs if the iron ball is still attached; the damage can be lowered by carrying the iron ball in inventory.
  • Destroying the shirt with a scroll of destroy armor is a viable solution - be sure to remove any other armor you are wearing before reading a suspected scroll of destroy armor.
  • A source of polymorph can turn you into a monster that will either shrink you out of the shirt or else rip it apart, but can also turn you into a form that is weak, immobile or otherwise incapable of carrying items.