The Mantle of Knowledge

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[   The Mantle of Knowledge   Etched helmet.png
Base item helm of brilliance
When carried
When worn
When invoked
Base price zm
Weight 40

The Mantle of Knowledge was the Monk quest artifact in NetHack Plus and SLASH 6. Its base item was a helm of brilliance.

In addition to increasing the wearer's wisdom and intelligence, as a helm of brilliance, the Mantle granted magic resistance and extrinsic ESP while carried. When invoked, the Mantle gave an energy boost equivalent to the Mitre of Holiness.


When the Monk role was first included in vanilla, in NetHack 3.3.0, the quest artifact was the arguably more desirable Eyes of the Overworld, which grant a new property: astral vision. The earliest versions of SLASH'EM adapted the 3.3.0 code, so the Mantle was supplanted by the Eyes in the SLASH lineage as well.

At present, the Mantle's only appearance in an active variant is in SlashTHEM, where it is the quest artifact for the deferred Psion role. In an improvement on the original, the Mantle now grants half physical damage while worn. ESP is now a benefit of wearing the Mantle, and magic resistance a benefit of carrying it. When invoked it provides an energy boost.


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