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Welcome! Here, I keep track of what I've played and where I've lost characters.

Re: #adjust removals

Hi, NeonKow!

I understand why my edit seemed a bit drastic, but the text, as-is, contained some really ridiculous suggestions that I don't believe contribute to the wiki at all. (Putting your stethoscope on Y because it looks like a stethoscope?! Come on.)

I retained the single sentence of sensible advice all of that nonsense boils down to -- which is that consistency is useful, and avoiding extreme cases of potential death-by-typo is a good idea. Other than that, I trust the reader to be inventive enough to figure out which letter she prefers to use for which item, and coordinated enough to type the commands she intends to type; dedicating over half the article to this stuff seems silly, and maybe even a bit insulting. Nooodl (talk) 02:16, 15 December 2015 (UTC)

Oh, as for the changes on #version: I didn't remove half the content of the article, if you weight it by how useful information is. I removed one blatant "filler" sentence and an unnecessary example -- anyone can try the command on their own and get output that is actually relevant to them! I disagree that such a change requires any discussion at all.

You seem to think that small articles are inherently bad, and that removing content is always a bad thing. This isn't true: an article that is to-the-point and relevant to its readers is a lot nicer than one that was half-heartedly expanded on in an attempt to fill the page. Sometimes commands are simple to explain completely: why write anything but simple articles about them? Nooodl (talk) 04:00, 15 December 2015 (UTC)

What I Play

Nethack 3.4

I got started on my linux box, not really knowing what I was doing. The first game I played, I didn't know what searching was, so after my Female Elven Ranger wandered around a single room with no visible doors, I went up the up stairs and remained very confused.

Eventually, after eating many bees and killing many rangers, I found the wiki and learned about E, but never really got past Mine Town.


While on the West Coast, I played a lot of NAO. Now on the East Coast, it's a bit laggy for me. Other than my config files, there's not much here.

neonKow on NAO (stats, games, deaths, dumplogs, ttyrecs)

Android Ports

[1] and UnNethack on my phone is pretty neat. I wish it were linked up to servers so I could get other people's bones and see scores, and sometimes get help, but they're both pretty amazing.


Stupid deaths


lvl8 Fem Elven Ranger named N'ara

N'ara loses her pet dog to rothes while descending the dungeons of doom. She then decides to put on a large shield without curse-testing it first and winds up with a -4 cursed shield of unhelpfulness, and being forced to drop a lot of extra projectiles to avoid being burdened. After being attacked down to 6 HP and successfully praying to escape death on dlvl6, she goes back up the levels to find that the itchy shield also prevents healing, which is why her god didn't restore her HP. Fortunately, she finds an armor shop, where she purchases leather gloves, and a pair of -1 cursed boots.

She heads down toward Minetown, slaughtering the gnome population as she goes, in hopes of creating holy water to remove the shield and cursed boots she is also wearing (AC 3 though). She gets there but a gnome decides to read an unfamiliar scroll that surrounds the both of them with about 6 other monsters, and she spends a good amount of time turning the resulting hostiles into hedgehogs of +2 elven arrows, even recruiting a large cat (which dies) and a pony (that she accidentally kills). Eventually, with her back against the wall in a room with one exit, N'ara faces off a naga. She brandishes her wand of striking and hits! only to also strike a Watchman in the background. Injured and unable to escape the angry man, and hoping to avoid murdering a peaceful, she zaps her wand of digging downward...

...where she attracts the attention of a number of dwarves and gnomes. She runs into a corner where she can only be attacked at range from two angles and write E in the dust a few times, preparing herself for another long fight. At which point she encounters an out-of-depth [archlich]! Fortunately, everyone respects the E-word. Unfortunately, the summoned [Captain] does not. After unsuccessfully trying to kill the @, she is decides to flee via wand of teleportation. She lands safely away from the crowd and immediately takes a step toward the up-stairs, whereupon the arch-lich teleports to her and kills her.

Lessons learned:

  • When playing on a phone, zoom out far enough to see what else you will hit with your wands.
  • Zap teleport at the captain if everyone else respects E. You're safe where you're at. Also, try emptying your wands of striking before using an escape item as random as teleport.
  • Keep your pets alive
  • BUC-test iron items as an elf. Or don't put them on at all.
  • Why do Gnomes, Dwarves, and Hobbits hate elves?

dlvl? Fem Dwarven Valkyrie named Adun

So far so good. Two early sacrifices accidentally led to Mjolnir and Demonbane, so I am saving a long sword in case I dip for Excalibur later, but I want to keep the artifact count low until I can get a wish or two.

Gear wise, Adun has been extremely lucky and have found a +3 dwarven helm, a +3 Elvish shield, and speed boots. I also purchased a t-shirt to complement my +0 Dwarven mithril armor, my Cloak of Magic resistance (Sokoban), and found leather gloves (Fort Ludios). I think I want power gloves, and more importantly, an amulet of reflection, possibly from killing a peaceful Aleax I found on dlvl10 with lots of neat fixed gear.

Identification: Adun has a big pile of ! and ? to identify, as well as a few =. He found the !oH, but abusing alchemy won't work this game due to awkward colors. I also want to erode-proof and/or fix the burnt speed boots and rusty helm and need to enchant her Demonbane. I think it's a -1 Demonbane right now due to reading a cursed ?oEW. Need also to find !oRA to restore a bunch of points lost to poison and incubus, and abuse (Str, Con, Dex, Wis)

Intrinsics: Have cold/fire/poison resistances. Speed and stealth. Telepathy. Teleportitis and teleport control. Extrinsics: Speed. magic resistance. Luck. Need: Reflection. Levitation. More power to teleport. Disintegration.

Other stuff: have a magic whistle, wands of death, lightning, fire, digging, speed, probing, teleportation. Also bag of holding, magic lamp, pick-axe and unihorn, key, luckstone, pile of daggers, towel. Need: Holy water!

Nethack 3.4

Numerous Dwarven Valks

Die to angering shopkeeper, or not paying attention to hit points. If she makes it past the early game, she will cut through everything like butter, until my poor valkyrie invariably dies to mind-flayer.

Numerous Elven Rangers

Yes, I know other rangers may be stronger, but I play this for flavor, and I like it! Usually my ranger die to my not knowing how to steer them well to deal with melee hostiles.