Wand of make invisible

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Name make invisible
Appearance random
Abundance 4.5%
Base price 150 zm
Weight 7
Type beam
Maximum charges 8
Monster use May be used by monsters as misc items.

A wand of make invisible is a type of wand that appears in NetHack.


Randomly generated monsters may receive a wand of make invisible as a miscellaneous item: if an invisibility item is chosen for that monster's starting inventory, it has a 16 chance of receiving the wand, unless it is not hostile and you cannot currently see invisible.[1]


Zapping the wand at yourself or a monster will render the target permanently invisible, unless they are wearing a mummy wrapping or are already invisible - zapping a peaceful monster will anger them. Zapping the wand downward will make any engraving on that square disappear, as does engraving with it; this does not auto-identify it. Monsters will use this wand and zap it at themselves to become invisible unless they are wearing a mummy wrapping; peaceful and tame monsters will not do so if you cannot see invisible.

Turning yourself or a monster invisible with this wand will auto-identify it, as does seeing a monster zap itself.

Applying the wand to break it releases a damaging magical blast that has a 910 chance of turning you invisible for 250 turns, and a 110 chance of conferring permanent invisibility.

The following information pertains to an upcoming version (NetHack 3.7.0). If this version is now released, please verify that it is still accurate, then update the page to incorporate this information.

As of commit f83a57c5, zapping the wand at yourself instead grants 31–45 turns of temporary invisibility.


Main article: Invisibility

If you do not yet have a method to enter shops, e.g. a mummy wrapping, you might want to keep this wand on hand in case you get a fresh stalker corpse or identify a tin of stalker meat - eating one while already invisible will grant the see invisible intrinsic and make you permanently invisible (which you already will be if you use the wand). Otherwise, this wand typically has little use if you are already permanently invisible: making your non-steed pets invisible does not give them a combat advantage, and many of the strong spellcasting pets will make themselves invisible anyway if you have see invisible. You may also find a blessed potion of invisibility as your source of the property before a wand of make invisible.

Floating eyes are ideal to zap with the wand if you do not yet have a means of preventing or avoiding its paralyzing passive gaze, which relies on your ability to see it - pacifists in particular may want the wand to make floating eyes invisible and safe for their pet to kill. The wand can also prove useful in general if you need to get rid of a degraded burnt Elbereth, which is usually hard to remove otherwise, and can be saved as fodder for polypiling.

The following information pertains to an upcoming version (3.7.0). If this version is now released, please verify that it is still accurate, then update the page to incorporate this information.

The wand's temporary invisibility makes it more ideal to use for gaining permanent invisibility and see invisible from eating stalker meat, and the wand in general is more useful for taking advantage of invisibility specifically during combat situations.


The wand of make invisible first appears in Hack 1.0.


<foo> turns transparent!
You zapped a monster with a wand of make invisible.[2]
You feel rather itchy under your <mummy wrapping>.
You zapped yourself with the wand, but it was absorbed by a worn mummy wrapping.[3]



In SLASH'EM, the wand of make invisible can make objects invisible, simplifying the process of identifying the wand.

Two wands of make invisible are randomly placed in the open area of Grund's Stronghold. The statue trap of an arch-lich found in the Lawful Quest contains a wand of make invisible with a single charge. Another wand of make invisible can be found in The Spider Caves.

All of the above information applies to SlashTHEM.


In GruntHack, wands of make invisible will often be invisible themselves.


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