Wand of water

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Name water
Appearance random
Base price 175 zm
Weight 7
Type beam
Maximum charges 8
Monster use May be used offensively by monsters.

The wand of water is a new wand introduced in SpliceHack and later adapted by Hack'EM. This wand shoots an unreflectable beam which splashes its target with water.


This wand will auto-identify on zapping: "You fire off a powerful jet of water!"

When engraved with, if there is a pre-existing message, it will be washed away and auto-identify ("The bugs on the <floor> get washed away!")


Zapping yourself drenches you and your items in water. If you are wielding a rubber hose, "You hose yourself down!", otherwise "You get drenched!"

Breaking this wand results in a splash ("KER-SPLOOSH!") that drenches the surrounding squares with water.

When zapped over items and tiles, lit lamps will be extinguished and bloody tiles will be washed clean.

When zapped at a drawbridge, nothing happens except the message "Splash!"

If zapped downward the wand displays the message, "Rain? Here?"

Zapped monsters:

If you are engulfed by an ice vortex and you zap a wand of water, this will cause instadeath.[4] If engulfed by a different type of monster you just get the message "Ugh! Now it's slippery in here!"

Monsters will be happy to zap you with this wand. If you are hit as a form that likes fire you take 12d6, otherwise just 1d6 damage.


Name deluge
Appearance random
Base price 175 zm
Weight 7
Type ray
Maximum charges 8
Monster use May be used offensively by monsters.

In Hack'EM it was renamed to the wand of deluge to avoid naming conflicts with potions of water. It was also converted to a ray-type wand to mirror (and use) the breath attack of sea dragons. As a result, the water ray can be reflected if you or a monster possesses reflection.

A wand of deluge is guaranteed on the Lawful Quest in the statue of the arch lich.

The water ray can also destroy forges.[5]

On breaking this wand there is also chance of creating a rust trap. The more charges on the wand the higher the chance of creating the trap.

There some additional effects for zapping monsters (or yourself if you are polymorphed into one of these forms):

  • Like the sea dragons breath attack, this water ray deals considerable damage to monsters that don't resist it - 6d8 damage. Unfortunately, many monsters in the dungeon are amphibious and/or breathless and will completely resist this attack.[6] For reference, roughly 5% of monsters in Hack'EM are amphibious and 21% are breathless.
  • Firey monsters take an additional 6d6 damage from a water ray instead of 12d6 in SpliceHack.[7]
  • Sea dragons and baby sea dragons will just absorb the water ray without any damage.
  • Water elementals are still healed for 6d6 HP.
  • Iron golems and steel golems are now instakilled by the water ray.[8]
  • If you are engulfed by an ice vortex and zap the water ray - you are not instakilled, but you still take 6d6 damage and are expelled.[9]