Atlantean Royal Sword

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)   Atlantean Royal Sword   (No tile)
Base item two-handed sword
Damage vs. small 1d12 x2
Damage vs. large 3d6 x2
To-hit bonus +1d3
Bonus versus (any)
Weapon skill two-handed sword
Size one-handed
When carried


When wielded
When invoked


Base price 1500 zm
Weight 150
Material iron

The Atlantean Royal Sword, sometimes informally called ARS, is an artifact weapon that appears in dNetHack and notdNetHack. It is neutral-aligned and favors Barbarians, and its base item is a two-handed sword.


Neutral characters may receive the Atlantean Royal Sword as a sacrifice gift, and it is the first guaranteed sacrifice gift for Barbarians that start their game with a two-handed sword.


The Atlantean Royal Sword has +1d3 to-hit and deals double damage versus all monsters, always shattering the target's wielded weapon on hit. Barbarians can wield the Atlantean Royal Sword in the offhand if they become capable of wielding a two-handed weapon in one hand.

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