Blindness resistance

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Blindness resistance is a type of resistance property that appears in NetHack.


Blindness resistance prevents protects a hero or monster from light-related sources of blindness:[1]

The property can only be obtained via the following sources:[2]

  • Being unconscious, blinded or asleep, or being an eyeless monster[3]
  • Being a monster that has a blinding explosion attack (i.e. a yellow light)[4]
  • Being a monster that has a blinding gaze attack (i.e. an Archon)[5]
  • Wielding Sunsword[6][7]

Wearing The Eyes of the Overworld does not grant blindness resistance, but overrides the effects of blindness and allows the wearer to see via astral vision.



In dNetHack, notdNetHack and notnotdNetHack, blindness resistance can apply to some other forms of blindness, and can be obtained from several other sources:

A hero is completely immune to blindness while the spirit Dantalion is bound, but only if they are not wearing a shirt, suit or cloak that covers the extra faces on their body.