Demogorgon's lair (SLASH'EM)

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In SLASH'EM, Demogorgon's lair is located between levels 2 and 5 of Gehennom.


 | ------------|------------------                
 | |}}}}}}}}}}}|}...}......}}}}}}|--------------  
 | |}}}}}}}}}}}|....}}...}...}}}}S...|.........|  
 | |-----}}-----...}...}.......}}|--S-----S-...|  
 ---..}}}}}}...|}..|      |...S..S...|.....|----  
 | |-}}}--------...|      |...-------|--S-----    
 | |}}}}|......S...|      |..........S.......|    
 | |}}}}S......|..}|      |----------|.......|    
 | ------------|----                 ---------    

His lair is surrounded by a standard Gehennom maze level. Entire level is non-teleport. Demogorgon's position is marked. The level also contains nine random P, seven random j, five random F, ten hezrou, six vrocks, a random gem, six random potions, and three random scrolls.


Demogorgon is one of the most difficult monsters of the game. You have to be prepared for him, don't take him lightly.

Killing Demogorgon

Main article: Demogorgon#Strategy

Read up on Demogorgon to understand his strengths, weaknesses, and how to defeat him. Because Demogorgon waits at the entrance to his lair, the wary player will use telepathy or magic mapping to identify his level before blithely wandering into view, and prepare adequately.

Proper preparation includes ensuring that your unicorn horn is fully enchanted and not cursed, digging a quick path to the upstairs, readying a wand of teleportation, scrolls of scare monster, and a wand of fire (or lightning, or fireball, or a lightsaber) for burning Elbereth, pre-burning Elbereth on the upstairs and dropping an object on top, being unburdened, and having your Demogorgon-killing weapon ready (preferably an assault rifle with well enchanted bullets, silver if available). When you are ill, you have difficulty engraving correctly, so make sure you have one scroll of scare monster in open inventory. Once you have woken Demogorgon, you should make quickly for the stairs and use a wand of teleportation to clear him off the stairway (it may take a couple of hits due to magic resistance), then stand on Elbereth to finish him off. Watch your status line closely and make sure that you cure yourself of any illness before fighting or moving.

Another tactic for making Demogorgon a less threatening foe is to avoid his lair altogether and have a weaker demon prince, such as Yeenoghu, gate him in for you on your terms. Once Yeenoghu has woken, he will head for the upstair. Teleport him off and occupy the space, and ready your wand of fire or other means of burning Elberth, but do not burn it yet. Let Yeenoghu pummel you until he finally gates in Demogorgon, then immediately burn Elbereth on the upstair and finish both of them off with no trouble. Make sure you have free action and are not burdened if trying this strategy.

The level

Once Demogorgon is dead, his level is trivial as long as you have some means of crossing water, which you almost certainly will. Make sure not to get slimed, and be ready to dig yourself out of engulfing jellies, shoggoths, and giant shoggoths - for the latter two, you will want to check for their presence using telepathy and avoid them, unless you still need teleport control and can deal with their damage (e.g. extremely high hit points, acid resistance, etc).

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