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For other uses, see Orc.

In terms of monster attributes, orcs include the following monsters:[1]

Common traits

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"Confirm that an elf gets a bonus for shooting or hitting orcs (dothrow.c#line1232 and mhitm.c#line236, respectively -- also, uhitm.c#line264). Find out what uhitm.c#line2091 does."

All orcs, including player orcs, are allowed to multishoot when shooting orcish arrows from an orcish bow.[2][3] Orcs also do not get penalized for eating tripe rations[4] or committing cannibalism.[5]

Enemy orcs have a 50% chance of hitting your steed instead of yourself; other monsters will only do this with a 25% probability.[6]

If the Orcish Town variant of Minetown is generated in a game, named orcs will be generated carrying loot that would normally appear in Minetown, such as keys, candles, depleted wands and even a long sword or silver saber.


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