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Quetzalcoatl is the lawful god of the Archeologist pantheon.

The couatl, while an original creation of Dungeons & Dragons, is inspired by Quetzalcoatl's "feathered serpent" avatar.

Encyclopedia entry

One of the principal Aztec-Toltec gods was the great and wise
Quetzalcoatl, who was called Kukumatz in Guatemala, and
Kukulcan in Yucatan. His image, the plumed serpent, is found
on both the oldest and the most recent Indian edifices. ...
The legend tells how the Indian deity Quetzalcoatl came from
the "Land of the Rising Sun". He wore a long white robe and
had a beard; he taught the people crafts and customs and laid
down wise laws. He created an empire in which the ears of
corn were as long as men are tall, and caused bolls of colored
cotton to grow on cotton plants. But for some reason or other
he had to leave his empire. ... But all the legends of
Quetzalcoatl unanimously agree that he promised to come again.

[ Gods, Graves, and Scholars, by C. W. Ceram ]

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