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( Tin opener.png
Name tin opener
Appearance tin opener
Base price 30 zm
Weight 4
Material iron
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

통조림 따개넷핵에 등장하는 도구입니다.


관광객은 손에 통조림 따개를 들고 게임을 시작할 확률이 있습니다.


통조림 따개를 장착하는 것은 BUC 상태와 상관없이, 통조림을 (먹기 명령어를 통해, e) 1턴에 열수 있게 해줍니다.

통조림 따개는 무기무기로 사용되는 도구가 아님에도 불구하고, 저주받은 것은 장착했을때 손에 달라붙을 것입니다.[1]


통조림 따개와 함께 게임을 시작하는 관광객들은 그것을 장착하고 운명의 던전에 들어갑니다, 때문에 근접 전투를 시도하기 전에 장착을 해제하는 것이 좋습니다.

Encyclopaedia entry

Less than thirty Cat tribes now survived, roaming the cargo
decks on their hind legs in a desperate search for food.
But the food had gone.
The supplies were finished.
Weak and ailing, they prayed at the supply hold's silver
mountains: huge towering acres of metal rocks which, in their
pagan way, the mutant Cats believed watched over them.
Amid the wailing and the screeching one Cat stood up and held
aloft the sacred icon. The icon which had been passed down
as holy, and one day would make its use known.
It was a piece of V-shaped metal with a revolving handle on
its head.
He took down a silver rock from the silver mountain, while
the other Cats cowered and screamed at the blasphemy.
He placed the icon on the rim of the rock, and turned the
And the handle turned.
And the rock opened.
And inside the rock was Alphabetti spaghetti in tomato sauce.

[ Red Dwarf, by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor ]


넷핵 3.0.0 버전 이전에는, 통조림 따개는 캔 오프너라고 불렸습니다.


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